Monday, August 8, 2011

Shame on Blue

Came across this Wu-Tang/Fugazi mash-up album when I heard that the people behind it actually received higher billing at a festival than an actual member of Fugazi. Don't know why that would have predisposed me to hate them, but it's actually pretty cool. Throw in a decent video showing Omar's rise and fall and I'm in.


  1. I have The Wire Season 1, Disc 1 sitting at home. Everyone tells me that I NEED to watch this show.

  2. I wouldn't say you NEED to watch it. It's really, really good, but it takes a bit to get into. I think it's worth it just for Season 4, which might be the most gut-wrenching season of television ever, but I've been on a different kick lately where I'm telling everybody, "You NEED to watch Deadwood."

  3. I saw a few episodes of the first season. Western series, right?

    Have you watched Game of Thrones?

  4. I haven't seen Game of Thrones, yet. I prefer to wait until the episodes come out on DVD or I have access to HBO On Demand so I can watch multiple episodes in a row and get completely engrossed.

    Yeah, Deadwood is a western series, but I like to think of it as Shakespeare in South Dakota with tons of fucks and cunts to describe the seeds of modern America. The 2nd season is just epic.