Monday, August 22, 2011

Infinite Decemberists

Michael Schur of Parks & Rec directed the new video for The Decemberists. Colin Meloy wanted to recreate a scene from Infinite Jest and Schur, who apparently is a huge fan of the book, was happy to oblige -

From the AVClub -
Schur was approached to direct the “Calamity Song” video because he went to school with the brother of the Decemberists’ manager, who remembered his affinity for Infinite Jest. Decemberists' frontman Colin Meloy came up with the video’s concept—which involves teenagers playing the fictional game Eschaton—and got acquainted with Schur by talking about the book for an hour over the phone. Schur, who calls the Decemberists his favorite band, was thrilled to discuss his favorite book with Meloy. “If that’s where it would’ve ended, that would’ve been great for me,” Schur told the A.V. Club. “That’s something I’d bid $10,000 at a charity auction for.”

I feel like I should try to read Infinite Jest whenever I read about Infinite Jest, but I might be able to fend off that urge this time.

Fun fact - Michael Schur is also Ken Tremendous from the awesome, now defunct, website Fire Joe Morgan. I can't help but love the guy for leading the charge on that issue. And he also drops casual reference to Neutral Milk Hotel on Parks & Rec -

Parks & Recreation is the best show on television, btw.


  1. Perfect time to get my commenting abilities back, as this post elicits so many responses...

    First, it's nice to hear a story that humanizes Colin Maloy, cuz he seems like such an asshole on stage.

    Second, and most importantly, why am I just now hearing about Fire Joe Morgan? That's exactly the kind of cause that I could really get behind. I have complained for several years about how much I fucking hate Joe Morgan, not knowing that there were organizations out there for people like me. God I hate Joe Morgan.

    Third, I never really gave Parks and Rec a fair chance, even though I do really like Aziz Ansari. I am willing to do so, so long as it is not on at the same time as the one true best show on television: Storage Wars.

  2. Parks and Rec is absolutely hilarious. I've never seen the abbreviated first season, but the second season is fantastic, and the third season is the most amazing thing ever put on television. Ever. Detlef Schrempf has made (at least) 2(!) cameo appearances. That's 2 more than Arrested Development has had.

    And, yes, you should have had your ear to the ground back in the day and got on the Fire Joe Morgan bandwagon. It is extremely fun to go through the archives on the FJM site if you need a good chuckle.

  3. best show on TV? The League. hands down.