Thursday, August 11, 2011

Afro Psych!

So I came across this album a few months ago. It's called World Ends: Afro Funk & Psych 1970s. Its basically a various artists type album of different groups in the Nigeria area. Here is a review:

"The world to many young Nigerians in 1967 did indeed seem to be ending. As the 'Summer of Love' was blossoming in London and San Francisco, Nigeria was imploding into civil war. Three years later at the start of the 1970s the country's youth belatedly got a chance to mirror what had been going on overseas.The funky, electrifying grooves featured here are the sound of a generation attempting to pick up the pieces of a shattered dream and put them back together in exciting new forms. It's the sound of young musicians throwing many varied morsels into the musical pot from hard rock to psychedelica infused with funk and traditional rhythms. Soundway present this story with 33 forgotten nuggets that represent the heavy, gritty ad sometimes edgy side of Nigeria's most musically prolific decade."

It is absolutely fantastic. Here are a couple highlights. There are some real gems on this.

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  1. I'll have to check that out. The 2 songs you posted are real good.