Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mumford and Sons

This is a group out of the UK. My buddy Conor told me about them last night. After a few listens, I think it is safe to say that this will be in everyone's cd players here in the next year. Really catchy stuff with a soothing banjo taking you along for the journey. They are doing their first U.S. shows...NY and LA, both of which are sold out. Check it.


  1. good not great. i'd go easy when claiming this will be in everyone's cd player within the year. i think port obrien has a better opportunity. they reminded me at times of drop kick murphy's, vocally, not lyrically or otherwise. I certainly didn't feel like smashing a pint glass over me head whilst listening....

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  3. Good good! I don't know how overstated Scott was. Maybe not the CD player, but definitely on repeat on my computer. Nice find.

    Now...on to Port O'Brien.

  4. Yup. Definitely new obsession oh ten. I'm holding back when I choose not to SAY that I felt the same way about MMJ's It Still Moves. That's just me, I exercise self-restraint.

    But I"m thinking it.