Saturday, February 27, 2010

how was port o brien?


  1. Fuck. Dude. The show absolutely sucked! One of the worst shows I've ever been to.

    It wasn't the band. I'm certain that all of my ill will for the show is directed at the venue. Those of you ever considering a trip to StL for a show should take note. If the show's scheduled at The Gargoyle, save yourself a buncha money, a buncha time and a huge headache. The venue is the worst venue I've ever been to. Think of the Sokol Underground. Imagine that it's inside a high school cafeteria/gym. Take away the box office, half the space, the acoustics, the sound engineer and the bar. Insert a surprising number of tragically hip kids. Oh, and an awful opener's opener.

    Jase and I arrived at the place near 8. Stood in line for about an hour. Waited another half hour inside the cafeteria/gym for a shitty high school band. Then another buncha time for 8 or so songs from Port O'Brien. THey played some good music, but it just sounded shitty. Soon after Port finished up, Jase and I walked over a mile to the nearest bar. Didn't even wait for Portugal.

    Very unhappy. Jase? Did I miss anything?

  2. It was that busy that you had to wait in a line? I don't remember the last show I've been to where there was a line or a wait to get in.