Monday, February 22, 2010

Introductory Mish-Mash

Hey fellas (and Tom), thanks for the invite to post stuff up here at The Shanty. I've got a blog, Slap-dashery, but it's gonna be nice to have a place to post things that I actually want seen like this -

The video is from my high school buddy, John Yingling, who posts videos of shows he goes to around Chicago at Gonzo Chicago. He's got some good videos up right now of St. Vincent, Enon, Chinese Stars, Cold War Kids, and Jay Reatard. The Jay Reatard video got some play after he died and Pitchfork linked to it.

Chris Cook, on his tumblr, linked to MIT's website where they are now offering a bunch of their photography courses online, which "includes everything from reading lists and assignments to full downloads of course materials and student projects." I've been digging on these open courses. You can learn about Civil War and Reconstruction from Yale here, and a Justice course at Harvard here.

Lastly, I don't know if Manderfeld saw this, but the Wall Street Journal answers his previous question of why so many bands have chosen to use "fuck" in their name -

"Every other name is taken," Mr. Jones explains. "Think of a great band name and Google it, and you'll find a French-Canadian jam band with a MySpace page."

The available supply of punchy one- or two-word band names is dwindling. So, many acts are resorting to the unwieldy or nonsensical.

Among more than 1,900 acts expected in March at the South by Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas, are bands with the names And So I Watch You From Afar, and Everybody Was In the French Resistance...Now! The f-word is part of 100 band names in a media database maintained by Gracenote, a unit of Sony Corp. that licenses digital entertainment technology.

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  1. You can't have a band named Jane Deere?!? There's too many fucking lawyers (no offense Rusty) in this country. You can't do shit anymore.

    Rusty, you should read that Wall Street Journal article. It's right up your alley.