Tuesday, February 9, 2010



  1. Meh. I'd need to see some additions before makin that trek.

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  3. i am an aggressive seller of this line up. what? does 'roo want to move away from the drug induced jamband scene and into the tween and fratboy crowd cause that is what you are going to get with a lineup that starts with dave mathews band and kings of leon. i can see it now, a bunch of asshats running around in skinny jeans with popped collars. no thanks, i am staying home.

    even stevie wonder will be able to see the hords of douche bags running over the place

  4. La poderosa- this is the way the roo has been for at least the last couple years. It's like a p4k or lolla, just bigger. It seems almost as if the jamband festivals aren't bringing in the kind of cash that these sorts of bands bring. Maybe the tween/fratboys have money? Whatever it is, its kinda crappy.

  5. I can't believe what I'm hearing. First of all, Bonnaroo hasn't been jammy since like 2003 or something. Maybe 2004 was it's last big year in the jam scene. But that's not a bad thing. Really, what's the big deal about 'roo going from a Jamfest to a Musicfest? This is exactly what you wanted! More artists are focusing their efforts on the live performance! And what better venue to showcase then one the biggest live focal points in the country?

    I think you underestimate the music seeking crowd, Poderosa. Granted, the douche quota will probably go up, given this year's lineup. Fortunately, outside of a couple of key bands (Dave and Kings), they probably won't be showing up to all of those really great artists that we'd go and see. Artists like...

    Stevie Wonder, Damian Marley, Phoenix, Blitzen Trapper, Franti, Avett Bros, John Prine, Black Keys, Bassnectar, Kid Cudi, MMW, Dr. Dog, Temper Trap, Mumford, and More Artists to be Announced!

    There's plenty there to fill up a few days of showstopping. If you're into a Musicfest, that's perfect. Embrace the diversity that comes with it.

    If you're into a Jamfest, there are PLENTY of alternatives to check out (Rothbury, ahem). Nothing is fucked, dude. Nothing is fucked.