Saturday, January 14, 2012

Looks Like Brendan Got Some Sweet New Ink


  1. What??!? This is so 5th grade. Really, who hasn't thought of having two six-shooters tatooed on the boundary between their abdomen and their pelvis? Their aim highlights not only their intended direction of attention, but also those contours offered by a set of abdominal muscles obsessively worked on by said douchebag for six weeks while he painfully avoided those "fuller" beers in lieu of the crap paraded around by Lance Armstrong. Fucking Lance. Totally worth it.

  2. When I showed this to Jim he thought I photoshopped your face on there. No photoshopping done - looks you and Rusty have a long lost triplet out there, and HE is really the ripped one. Time to renew that gym membership, Rusty.

  3. Haha, wow. I thought I remembered Mrs. O'Connor mentioning something about a Brad. Could this be the long lost triplet brad?

    P.S. The better question is, how in the hell did you find this picture matt?