Thursday, August 19, 2010

Justin Bieber, so hot right now

So, I found some time today morning to dick around on the iPhone for a few minutes. A fellow psych intern posted on facebook a link to this article describing a Justin Bieber song that actually sounded pretty good if you had the resources to slow it down by about a factor of 8.

Now I know what you're thinking, Mander. "But wait, Justin Bieber sounds mindblowingly awesome enough normal, assholes." And you're right, but...

I checked it out. It's actually pretty interesting. If you download the MP3 and play it on Windows Media Player (you may remember this from the pre-iTunes era that we all enjoyed during our first years of college), you can speed it up using the available enhancements, verifying for yourself at least the similarity between the downloaded track and the pop single recorded by Justin Bieber.

I'm not here to draw lines between drafts, that's entirely Rusty's job. But, it was worth the wait between initially catching wind of the thing at 0945, and finally getting the opportunity to explore it at 2020. Vague, unhelpful references to post-rock icons notwithstanding, it's still worth the download.,44254/


  1. He's alive! And with his precious spare time he is listening to Justin Bieber?!?