Wednesday, May 5, 2010

uff! been a crazy couple of days

so, album leaf in philly sunday night was with a string quartet (recommended). we saw some dude on the street with a pet parrot. (not the touristy situation in a scheme for money, just some dude with his pet). it was in a church in the middle of center city--pretty crazy watching this from a church pew, especially with hipster's drinking booze out of paper bags. great show though!

and then pearl jam in stl last night!! one for the books. (this one's for you brendan) when they opened with "sometimes", i turn around and see a cop, a dude with a drink tray full of 10 dollar beers, and a blind dude standing in the same area... next thing i know, tray of beer is thrown on the cop, mase was involved... after talking to the guy in front of me, i think the blind guy accidentally spilled the dude's beer, and he flipped out.. there was a scuffle with the blind dude right in the mix. fucking crazy!! and scary. i felt bad for the blind guy b/c he was obviously there for the music (and who could blame him) shit just keeps gettin' weirder.


  1. Jason McScherry, more than anyone else I know, you are certainly a magnet for weird. Please continue collecting these.

  2. Those pictures are sick dude. Nice camera work.