Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sex and the Single Girl

Caught this on television the other week and fell in love with some of the soundtrack. It reminds me of some of Jon Brion's stuff for Eternal Sunshine, I Heart Huckabees, and Punch-Drunk Love.

It's by Neal Hefti, the guy who also did the The Odd Couple and the old Batman tv show. The strings in The Odd Couple theme song are pretty luscious.


  1. no mayo!! tick, tick, tick tick...

  2. Hey, you, miss gorgeous... After my wearysome, lifelong demise, here's my fantasy in Heaven, which you may or may not wanna take part in (totally up to you): to love as I undauntedly, unrestrained wanna be loved. GO NO FURTHER, GIRL, UNLESS YOU GOT MOXIE... Ponder sex in Heaven; ponder love make'n for the length and breadth of eternity... slow, soft, and smooth... interspersed with delicious-N-nutritious Pi: a delightfull deluge of delirious... a big, yummy O for days, or months, or years... sighing, sobbing, screeem'n bloody murder... is definitely allowed in the realm where the 72ish degree sun never sleeps. Almighty God wouldn't create Heaven without passion and joy forever. No, you don't gotta with me, you don't gotta with anyone. Only an option for those who wanna make physical love a part of their eternity. Just imagine, girl: twenty-two? a hundred and one? fifty-five thousand? handsome, tall, muscular, gentle guys love'n you alone + 111 years + nude swimming in the shallow ocean + nude floating in the sky + erotic, bedtime stories at dusk + whatever your precociously, precarious precious heart comes-up with. Mama mia (I'm Italian - I gotta be). The sky's the limit, babe. BUT, YET, YA MUST GIT-UP THAR FIRST. You must see the need for repentance in this finite existence (I go every month). Why not? Why wouldn't Almighty God allow that super-freeek'n-dooper, glorious high for 7 months or 77 months? Why wouldn't God allow His creatures to love one another? Do we gotta sit stupified for all eternity twiddling our thumbs singing tired, ol psalms? I doubt it; I'd rather 'Git-it-on' as the UFC announcer sez... then goto Mass on Sundays. See? Heaven ain't as boring or tasteless as you thot, doll; God loves you and God wants to provide the very best for you for eternity. I want Heaven, too, to love you, serve you, honor you, nekk and cherish you forever. For those few who actually achieve the Great Beyond these days? God sez, 'Eye has not seen...' You cannot stay here, girl: all of U.S. must croak someday. So decide if this whorizontal, finite existence is worth the slow, unraveling, unending joy of Heaven. God bless you --- Meet me in Heaven. You won't be disappointed.