Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It's a slippery slope once you're added to the "Tom Hyde Racist Texts" mailing list.

"What he sends you is terrible and offensive, but deep down you know that you don't want to be removed from said mailing list. You laugh out loud as you start into your disapproving, albeit insincere, headshake. Another homerun. But then you start to wonder... Are you not as forward-thinking as you once thought? Deep down are you a closet racist? Does it mean that you'll stop voting Democrat once you get a high-paying job? Should you be making some serious changes in your life? Should you start mentoring inner city youth as pennance? Would that even be enough to shake free from the grasp of your deep-seated white guilt? I don't know, but at the end of the day, that shit is still pretty funny. It's quite the existential crisis..."

-Matthew "Musing Things" Manderfeld

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  1. though i don't agree with everything machy says here, it is eloquently stated. i want him to do a write up of a conversation we had about the risks of flying. it was almost like a poem, " when that door closes" would be the title. i wonder if machy remembers that? it was pretty epic.