Monday, October 4, 2010

Upcoming Shows

OK, I'm going to make this really easy for y'all. I'm down to go to any or all of these upcoming shows, so let me know if anything strikes your fancy.

RA RA RIOT - Friday, Oct. 8th @ Waiting Room ($13)

THE WALKMEN w/ Japandroids & Tennis - Saturday, Oct. 16th @ Waiting Room ($13)

DR. DOG w/ Here We Go Magic - Monday, Oct. 25th @ Waiting Room ($14)


  1. OK, so the Marathon and Japandroids openers aren't exactly enticing, but I think the Walkmen will be worth it. The whole Marathon thing - the story behind the music is cooler than the music. It's a husband and wife that said "Aw fuck it," bought a boat, and sailed around N. America writing music. This album is the finished product upon returning to land.

    Ra Ra Riot will be good, and Dr. Dog / He We Go Magic sounds like a REALLY fun combo, so at a minimum let's plan on those two. Who's with me?!!?

  2. You forgot to add the felice brothers.

  3. Feel free to add it yourself. Thoughts on these shows?

  4. I love Walkmen and Japandroids. Wish I could go.

  5. OK, so far we are 0 for 2. We gotta go to Dr. Dog / Here We Go Magic!!!