Thursday, July 29, 2010

Golden Ages

Golden Ages

"On their debut full-length, Tradition, Golden Ages picks up where they left off on last year’s Sitting Softly In The Sea EP. “Waiting” is packed with eccentric electronic experimentation on par with a more melodic, less tribal Animal Collective. What really sets this band apart from its contemporaries is that they take common elements of electronic dance and filter them through an Oz-like world of mystery and bizarre darkness. From the ambient calm to the melodic electro-noise, Golden Ages are pretty much one of a kind.

And like other bands that fit this ethereal space, Golden Ages blends each song together, making a cohesive, seamless album. “The Knife House” fades into the percussive intro of “Grow Kid”. Always leaning toward a mesmerizing meditative sound well beyond reality, Golden Ages have created a signature abrasiveness not in abstract harmonies but in the sheer weight of the volume. In other words, this shit is LOUD! Or, better yet, if you’re listening to it right now: THIS SHIT IS LOUD!!! It’s also quite good.

Tradition reminds me of something both exotic and other-worldly; like, maybe the music super good-looking aliens with ten times our brain power would listen to. Exotic, smart, and so very progressive."

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