Friday, June 4, 2010

Jim Joyce/James Joyce

Alrighty, I know not all of you are baseball fans, but something major happened yesterday. Armando Galarraga pitched a perfect game (21st in history. That's right, in the history of major league baseball) and it was ripped away from him on a blown call by veteran umpire Jim Joyce on the 27th out. Watch the play here. This would prove to be the worst call of Joyce's career, though he has been described as one of the best umpires in the game. It was very emotional for both Galarraga and Joyce, but it seems the call will not be overturned, even though Joyce admitted he had "kicked the shit" out of the call after watching the replay. Both Galarraga and Joyce have been applauded for their conduct following such an historic event.

Those of you English majors out there might remember an Irish author named James Joyce that wrote about the "epiphany". Will Jim Joyce's call be Bud Selig's "epiphany" to install an instant replay policy in major league baseball? I think it should, and I think Galarraga should be awarded the perfect game. Selig stated today that he will not overturn the call, probably because of the tradition of baseball, and the "human element" that makes the game so great. But come on man, it will still be a great game. Make an exception. Unfortunately, Bud Selig will not.

James Joyce- epiphany in Dubliners. Jim Joyce- epiphany in baseball. Coincidence? I don't think so.


  1. not a single comment from the peanut gallery?! maybe i should call this an example of irony. that should stir some shit up

  2. Irony, you say? Well, now I have no choice but to respond :)

    I like what MLB has done so far with instant replay, but I don't necessarily see the need to extend it. The other day I was at a Twins game, and a Texas player hit a ball just foul but it was ruled a home run. After the replay, it was overturned. I am all in favor of boundary issue replays.

    And while what happened to Gallaraga makes me sick to my stomach, human error will always have to be a part of baseball. Now, the fact that we are talking about opening up this type of play to replay confirms the fears of those opposed to any type of replay from the beginning. The current replay component was approved only because of the finality of the outcome, regardless if it is fair or foul. If we add another component, where will it end? Tag plays on stolen bases? Pop flys that may have hit the ground? Balls and strikes? I sure hope not.

    Jim Joyce should have just deferred to the home plate umpire - that would have solved everything.

  3. sure i guesth. i think it should be in the form of a challenge. give each manager like two challenges a game or something. why not give him the perfect game? this will haunt joyce for the rest of his life, and that kinda sucks. it's been successfully implemented in football, basketball, hockey. i'm guessing any of those sports would have a fit if they went back to a no replay policy

  4. definitely not balls and strikes though

  5. we should change the name of this blog to "mandervilif". come on dudes, pick it up!