Monday, March 22, 2010

Doing the right thing

By now I'm sure everyone is familiar with the historic event that occurred yesterday. I just want to go on record as completely backing this move. I think it is a good step to show that the system is not completely broken and that the needs of the people can take precedence over the concerns of those in charge. When there is a gaping need, and you have the resources available to fill that need, it is a responsibility to fill that need. It will be surprising to find the Twins regretting their decision to sign Joe Mauer to a long-term contract.

But, some might say, this is going to be a yoke over the neck of the Twins organization. I'd say to those people that it would be far worse for the Twins organization to abdicate the responsibility it has to their supporters and to baseball in general to allow the face of their franchise, the player whose production drives the team, to drift away when the team needs him most. This isn't to say that there aren't risks involved, but what is the point of being in the league if you cannot protect your homegrown talent? The Twins will still scout out new talent to improve their overall performance and, hopefully, when Mauer begins to show signs of age they'll be able to integrate that talent in a way that substantially improves the foundation that they have signaled their commitment to build upon. No, the system is not broken, it just relies on the fortitude of those in charge to do what is right, and not to cower in fear of the Yankees and all they represent, who benefit the most when the people who are in charge of protecting their talent reject that responsibility and, consequently, contribute to the inequality that the Yankees feast upon. It may not be perfect, but until stricter regulations can be put into place to prevent continual Yankees dominance, the 2nd best thing to see is owners willing to protect the faith and hope fans invest in their teams.

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